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Friday School

We will once again be implementing a Friday School to deal with student discipline.  Friday School will be given to students in lieu of other consequences for violation of school rules.  Friday School will operate from 3:03 PM to 7:00 PM and it will be held in the hosting teacher’s classroom or in the School Library.  Some of the things that will warrant Friday School will include but not be limited to the following: repeat offenders of gum chewing (3+ times); class tardies (9 times in any 6 week period); class disruptions; dress code violations (3+ times); profanity (3+ times); and/or failure to attend previously assigned detentions.  If a student is assigned Friday School his/her parent/guardian will be contacted and the date will be set.  If a student cannot attend Friday School they will have ONE opportunity to reschedule for the next available date.  A failure to attend Friday School without advance notice will result in an off campus suspension of no less than one day.