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Delta Vista Middle School offers a wide variety of sports and activities.  Extra-curricular sports are offered for both boys and girls all throughout the year.  Students may try out for any of the traveling teams, or join any of the intramural teams.  Some of the sports offered include, but are not limited to: flag football, volleyball, basketball, softball, track and field, cross country, soccer, and wrestling.  Students sent out of class for disciplinary reasons or who do not participate in Physical Education class will not be eligible to practice with and/or play with their team for the remainder of that school day.  Students must be present at least 4 periods of the school day in order to participate in a sporting event that day.  Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA and they can not be on the “No Activities List” to participate in after school sports.  Eligibility for sports is looked at each grading period.  The 2.0 GPA criteria is for each official report card; however, if a student earns more than 1 F or more than 1 U on a progress report he/she will be on the no activities list and will not be eligible to participate.