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No Activities List

Students may be placed on the No Activities list for any of the following reasons: A discipline referral to the office; school fines that exceeds $5.00 (i.e., Library, Cafeteria, etc.); or more than 1 F in academics and/or more than 1 U in work habits for any class during the trimester.  Students on the No Activities List may not participate in, or attend any after school sports, non-academic assemblies, dances, school field trips, or special events. Students who are placed on the No Activities List for discipline other than a multi-day suspension can earn their way off the no activities list by completing community service.  A student must perform 2 hours of community service for each week of time they are assigned to the no activities list.  Students placed on the No Activities list for discipline must serve at least 1 week of their time on the no activities list prior to being eligible for removal through community service. Students may perform community service with any Non-Profit Organization or in special cases may earn off time by doing service on our campus.  In the event that a student has been suspended from school more than once or for more than 3 days, he/she will not be able to earn any time off the No Activities List.  Students who are on the No Activities List for grades will be automatically taken off the No Activities List if there are no F’s or U’s on the next report card/progress report.  If at progress report time there are any U’s or F’s, the student will remain on the No Activities List until the next official report card.  Once library/cafeteria fines are paid in full, the student will be taken off of the No Activities List.