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Tardy Policy

Delta Vista Middle School has a very specific tardy policy.  If a student is late to school, he/she must report to the office for a late slip before going to his/her advisory/first period class.  Teachers will not allow students into class without a tardy slip during advisory/first period.  For all other periods of the day, teachers will mark students tardy and each tardy will be counted toward the students six week total.  Every three tardies a student receives will result in one lunch detention.  It should be noted that tardies to advisory, first period on Wednesdays and after lunch will be counted as double tardies.  If a student receives (9) tardies or more in any six week period he/she will be assigned to Friday School.  The tardy policy will be in effect for the entire year; however, every six weeks the slate is wiped clean.  Failure to serve lunch detention more than once will result in the student receiving a Friday School and time on the No Act List.