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For the 2017--2018 school year we will be using the Illuminate grade reporting system.  Students will be earning letter grades in the academic portion of the report card that will range from A to F.  In the Work Habits (W/H) portion of the report card students will earn one of the following: Outstanding; Satisfactory; Needs Improvement; and or Unsatisfactory.  Grade reports will be coming home at the end of each 6-week period of the school year.  Students will receive 3 progress reports and 3 report cards throughout the year.  Students earning more than 1 F in academics and/or more than 1 U in work habits will be placed on the No Activities list.  Student progress can be monitored by logging on to your child’s teacher grade book or parent portal.  Please contact the school to set up the logon and password necessary to view on-line grade reporting.