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Eighth Grade End of Year Activities

Our 8th grade end of the year activities are the celebration of a year’s worth of hard work. Our expectation is that student’s give their best efforts throughout the entire school year.  Prior to the 8th Grade end of the year activities there are five grading periods (T1 progress report, T1 report card, T2 progress report, T2 report card and T3 progress report).  Any 8th grade student wishing to take part in the Promotion, Dance and End of Year field trip must be grade eligible for three out of five of the grading periods.  Should a student be eligible for any of the three grading periods, but be on the no activities list due to grades for the T3 progress reporting period they will placed on Academic Probation should they want to attend the end of the year dance and field trip.  While on Academic Probation, students will be responsible to get weekly progress reports filled out by their teachers and signed by their parents.  Should students have passing grades and satisfactory marks for citizenship/work habits in EACH of their classes leading up to the events, they will be allowed to attend the Promotion, Dance and Field Trip. (See section on No Activities List for details)