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In on-going disciplinary or academic situations, or any serious violations of the school and district rules a student may be expelled from the Oakley Union Elementary School District.  The only persons who can expel a student from school is the Oakley Union Elementary School District Board of Trustees.  This can only happen in the event that the student has displayed on-going inappropriate behavior, or he/she has done something which represents a danger to themselves or others, or have exhibited behavior that deems their presence at school as a possible disruption to the educational practice.  If a student is expelled from the district, he/she may be referred to the Contra Costa Community Day School for expelled students.  Expelled students are not allowed on or around any of the Oakley Union Elementary School District Schools during the time of expulsion.  Students could be expelled for as long as one full school year.  This is a drastic measure that is only used when a student has demonstrated that other means of correcting their behavior have repeatedly failed and/or their presence at school represents a danger to themselves or others.  As stated previously, some of the offenses that will be grounds for expulsion consideration include but are not limited to the following:  possession of any dangerous object (i.e. knives, weapons, any type of gun BB or Pellet); possession use or sale of any controlled substance; and the accumulation of discipline referrals.  It is our hope and goal to have no students recommended to the Board for possible expulsion.