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Plagiarism is any intentional representation of another's ideas, words as one's own.  This includes the misuse of published material, electronic material and/or the work of other students.  This could be copying from a book, magazine, or the Internet without using the proper citation in a bibliography for the work being used.  Intentionally sharing work, papers, homework or allowing to copy, without the permission of the teacher, is also engaged in plagiarism. Example: If you loan your homework or essay to a friend to copy, you are guilty of plagiarism as well.

First Offense:

Parents are contacted by the teacher: Student may: Receive a zero on assignment, re-do assignment or be given an alternate assignment for reduced credit.

Second Offense:

Referral to Administration, disciplinary action up to a full day of off campus suspension, time on the No Activity list and zero credit on the assignment.  Meeting with Student, Parent, Teacher and Administrator.

Third Offense and beyond: 

Referral to office, disciplinary action resulting in a multiple day off campus suspension, time on the No Activity List, and zero credit on the assignment.