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Dress and Personal Appearance

Board Policy 5132  Students – Dressing and Grooming:  The Governing Board believes that appropriate and grooming contribute to the productive learning environment.  The Board expects students to give proper attention to personal cleanliness and to wear clothes that are suitable for the school activities in which they participate.  Students’ clothing must not present a health or safety hazard or a distraction which would interfere with the educational process.  Students and parents/guardians shall be informed about dress and grooming standards at the beginning of the schoolyear and whenever these standards are revised.  A student who violates these standards shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.  Gang-Related Apparel  The school district may establish a reasonable dress code that prohibits students from wearing gang-related apparel when there is evidence of a gang presence that disrupts or threatens to disrupt the school’s activities.  Such a dress code may be included as part of the school safety plan and must be presented to the Board for approval.  The Board shall approve the plan upon determining that it is necessary to protect the health and safety of the school’s students.

Students should come to school dressed in a manner that ensures the health, welfare and safety of the members of the student body and enhances a positive image of our students and our school.  Students are not permitted to wear clothing that could potentially distract from their learning, or the learning of others.  Dress code violations will be grounds for lunch detention and if a student earns more than 2 violations he/she will be given Friday School.  Continued violations can be deemed as defiance and result in possible suspension from school.

No hairnets/bandanas No tube tops No hanging belts
No swimsuits No overly loose clothing No overly tight clothing
No hanging chains No bare midriff No short shorts/skirts
No flip-flops/open toe shoes No shoes w/out backs/straps No overly large tank tops
No alcohol advertising  No tobacco advertising No gang/drug suggestive
No perfume/or sprays  No Makeup No Hairspray/Bodyspray
No suggestive/crude remarks No sagging pants No low cut neck lines
No Area Codes (925, 415, 510 etc.) No see through/sheer clothing No symbols or artwork of weapon
No holes in pants/shorts above the knee that expose skin. Rosaries worn outside the clothing. All tops must have at least a one-inch wide strap.


NOTE:  Shirts that hang down below a student’s fingers must be tucked in or they will have to be changed and a dress code violation will be given.  Hats may be worn at any time that a student is not in a classroom, or in the office, and they must be worn forward or backward only.  Wearing a hat inappropriately is grounds to have it confiscated.  During lunch time only, hats may be worn in the multi-purpose room.  All shorts, dresses, and skirts must be an appropriate length so that they do not cause a distraction to the learning environment of the classroom. (Hems on shorts and skirts must be an appropriate length).  Only one RED or BLUE item of clothing can be worn at any one time while at school.  For example, one hat, sweater, tee shirt, pair of pants or shoes are acceptable.  Any two or more of these items worn at the same time will be considered a violation of school dress code.

Students are expected to do their personal grooming at home prior to arriving to school.  Students may NOT bring grooming items to school such as curling irons, flat irons, blow dryers, and hair spray.  Students who do not comply with the dress code will be asked to change and may be required to wear their PE clothing, loaner clothing, or they may be sent home to change their clothing.  Dress Code Violations will result in consequences.