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Oakley Union Elementary School District and Delta Vista Middle School has a “NO GUM” policy.  Chewing gum is NOT allowed at any time while on any school campus.  If a student is caught chewing gum, he/she will be given a detention slip for a 30-minute lunch detention.  The lunch detention will consist of the student reporting to the detention room for a 30-minute lunch detention.  The detention slip will list the date and time that the student will be expected to serve the detention.  One part of the two-part detention slip will go to the student, and the other part will go to the office.  If a student does not show up for the lunch detention with their part of the detention slip, he/she will be given another detention slip for more lunch detention.  Failure to serve more than once will result in an office referral that may result in a Friday School.  More than two (2) detention slips for gum will result in a Friday School.  Continued offenses can be deemed as defiance and may result in suspension from school.