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Academic Standards

In order to participate in the activities before, during, and after school, students may not receive more than one F in Academics and/or one U in work habits as it is reported on progress reports and/or report cards.  In addition, if a student earns more than one F and/or one U, he/she will be put on the “No Activities List.” Students on the No Activities List are not able to ATTEND or PARTICIPATE in events such as sports, dances, non-academic assemblies, field trips or 8th grade end of the year activities (i.e. trip and promotion dance). 

If a student raises his/her grades and/or work habit score(s) by the next reporting period as shown on an official school report card or progress report, he/she will be taken off the No Activities List.  If at the next report card or progress report the student still has any F’s or U’s, he/she will remain on the No Activities List until the following reporting period.

Students may not earn more than one F or one U in each and every reporting period in order to remain off of the No Activities List; furthermore, it is the responsibility of each student to know if he/she is on the No Activities List.