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Extracurricular Activities, Sports, & Dances

All dances will be held in the Multipurpose Room and are sponsored by different school organizations.  Tickets are sold before school and during the lunch periods.  Dances are for all eligible students enrolled in a full day schedule.  If a student is absent from school on the day of a dance for any reason, he/she will NOT be allowed to attend.  Each student wishing to attend a dance must have a signed permission slip from his/her parent or guardian.  Phones will not be used for this purpose on the day of the dance!  Please plan ahead.  Dances begin at 3:03 PM and end at 4:45 PM Parents/Guardians should plan on picking their child/children up at 4:45 PM.  It is very important that parents pick up children promptly, or make other transportation arrangements prior to the dance.  Students may not leave a dance prior to 4:45 unless picked up and signed out by a parent/guardian listed on the child’s emergency card.  If a student is not picked up within 30 minutes of the end of the dance, the student will not be able to attend the next dance.  All transportation arrangements should be made PRIOR to the day of the dance.


All school rules and consequences for misconduct will be in effect, as well as the following:

Regular school dress code and the NO GUM rule will be enforced, and backpacks must go into designated rooms, or a designated area.  All dancing must be done while staying on ones feet, and slam dancing and break dancing are not allowed.  There may be no public displays of affection, and we ask that students not sit on the stage or stand in the bleachers.

Students may not attend dances if they are on the NO ACTIVITIES LIST for behavior and/or grades.  If a student does attend a dance while on the No Activities list, he/she will be removed from the dance, and the parent/guardian will be called.  If a student is removed from a dance, he/she will be given more time on the No Activities List, and he/she will not be able to attend the next dance.  In addition, the student will NOT receive a refund for the cost of his/her ticket.