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Ms. Woelffer
Ms. Woelffer

Teacher of the Year

Alicia Woelffer Teacher of the Year 2018-2019

Delta Vista holds a special place in heart because here is where my teaching story began and continues to be written.  I have been teaching for 5 years and all 5 of them here at Delta Vista.  I teach 7th-grade science, where no two days are ever the same. 

Science is an active process, not a passive process. Science is all about exploring, asking questions, being curious and solving problems. Science is seen as scary or intimidating by many people (adults included), but I work extremely hard on breaking down that myth and showing my students just how fun and easy science truly is.  Middle school is such an influential time in a student’s life and I don’t want them to discredit science or themselves by thinking it is too hard before they’ve even truly begun.  I want them to believe in themselves and that they can take on anything, as long as they work hard.  I want to encourage them to curious, solve problems and think about Science not as something you read but as something you do.  

When I’m not here at Delta Vista cheering at sports events or lending a helping hand; you can easily find me curled up with a good book or cooking a new treat.  I love planning my next adventure, seeing musicals and live theater, and volunteering in the community. 

I am just so honored to work with and represent the truly amazing Delta Vista team and family.  

Ms. Woelffer
Ms. Woelffer

I’m proud to announce Ms. Woelffer as our Teacher of the Year this year!  Ms. Woelffer currently serves our school and District as a 7th grade science teacher.  Additionally, she successfully contributes to the positive climate at our school by serving on our social committee.  Ms. Woelffer has been a highly-effective educator for 5 years, all in the Oakley Union Elementary School District.  During this time, she has contributed to the field of education beyond her classroom by volunteering to support the Reading Apprenticeship Writing Connection (RAWC) Grant and the Inclusion Collaborative Grant.  Ms. Woelffer is a “go to” for our staff when it comes to effectively utilizing technology into instruction and has led sessions for the past two years at our technology staff development days.  She regularly teaches academic interventions outside of the school day.

Mrs. Woelffer always goes above-and-beyond, making an effort to attend every after-school event with the specific purpose of supporting her students and making positive connections with parents.  She spends the majority of her prep periods calling parents.  She is the type of person you want to work with, always offering her support, such as supporting her colleagues with school events or swapping classrooms with her colleagues so their students can utilize her classroom lab and supplies, just to mention a few.

When asked how she feels she has positively impacted the lives of her students, she humbly replies that she finds great joy in making positive connections with students who would typically be perceived as difficult to reach.  Ms. Woelffer is clearly passionate about the subject she teaches.  She cultivates a love of science within her students, with many students always coming back and saying, “I used to think science is hard but not after having you.”

For all these reasons and more, I proudly congratulate Ms. Woelffer, Delta Vista Middle School’s Teacher of the Year!


Rusty Ehrlich, Principal